Managed Marketing Service: An Innovative Marketing Team Solution

Every business goes through natural cycles, whether they are driven by the market or changes in business strategy. Evaluation of a marketing team’s skills and effectiveness are common during these transitions. The modern marketing department should be able to “right-size” quickly and easily. Building (and rebuilding) a new marketing team is costly, time-consuming, and a distraction. What would it look like if a marketing team or function could easily expand and reduce with the ebbs and flows of project needs? Could they bring new experience, technical knowledge, or skill sets on demand? How about the day-to-day management – can operation activities be removed so Marketing Management can focus on driving strategy? And lastly budget - can this team bring cost savings in comparison to a full-time, fully staffed department? This team is a reality - A Managed marketing service team can deliver all of this!

What Is Managed Marketing Service?

Managed marketing services help an organization’s marketing impact grow while increasing productivity and reducing costs. This model allows the organization access to a team of experts who flex with the ebbs and flows of the workload. As a bonus, all without having to worry about the hiring logistics or the training process. When you find yourself in the middle of the immediate need for resources, this flexibility can be the key to drive innovation, strategy, and priorities. Outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and business functionality to a supplier offers a cost-effective solution. Engagement in this model allows you to oversee strategy while allowing others to operate the routine functions that could have been bogging you down.

What Are The Benefits of A Managed Marketing Service?

One of the beneficial advantages of a managed marketing service is the ability to customize the solution for each business. No two programs look the same. Each organization has its own set of challenges that need to be considered. Customized planning is involved in formulating the best outcome for each distinctive scenario. Through discovery and relationship development the provider explores the best option and makes recommendations.

A partnership between the client and the provider is essential in a managed marketing service's path to success. Even though a decision has been made to redistribute the marketing activities, a function, or projects, you can rest assured the managed service team will deliver as they are a full-time member of the team. Integration and business continuity are pivotal in the managed service goals. As an extended arm of the internal team, the managed marketing service collaborates with stakeholders to reach company targets. 

 Here are some key benefits of a Managed Marketing Service:

Managed Marketing Service Benefits

An Example Of Managed Marketing Services In Action 

Before shifting to a Managed Marketing Service, our client, a global leader in audio and communications technology, struggled with the complexity of their creative service team, the efficiency of their marketing communications team, and how to expand their marketing automation team.

To address our client’s creative services challenges and scale as marketing needs increased, we built a team of creative professionals to work onsite and support the key creative needs of the organization. The team is managed by our Managed Service Lead, who receives all incoming requests, assigns resources, and tracks workflow and timelines. The core team includes experts in art direction, creative design, production, packaging, video, and digital archiving. When workflow exceeds bandwidth or a needed skillset isn’t available in the core team, we augment the team using a flexible pool of resources. Everyone in the pool is brand-trained and readily available. To improve the effectiveness of the marketing communication team we expanded the managed service to include a Marcom project management team. They were responsible for executing marketing communications for the customer, sales, and channel programs. Finally, as the marketing automation workflow was inundated with 300+ programs per quarter, we added a marketing automation team to execute the programs, analyze customer and campaign data, and track program results.

With the managed service in place, our client’s marketing organization has increased the number of projects they can support while reducing its overall spend on asset creation. By using a blend of resources for each project, we’ve eliminated some of the external agency costs, ensuring that our client benefits from the right expertise at the right time. Responsibility for people management, workload balance, and onboarding and training of new team members fall into the managed service administrative functions. This allows our client’s marketing leaders to stay focused on strategy and the company goals. An additional benefit of this program is the partnership with an onsite team that allows for integration that outputs business continuity and delivers successful programs. 

The success of this managed marketing service has expanded to support the global marketing team. To learn more about Crawford Groups managed marketing service success stories visit our full profiles of case studies.  

What Does A Managed Marketing Service Team Look Like?

In the managed marketing service example above, the managed service team consists of different units, supporting the marketing goals.  There is a lead, who is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of workflow and administrative duties.  This role is an essential function to the success and operations of a managed marketing service.  If bandwidth becomes an issue it is the lead's responsibility to reallocate resources. From the lead, the managed service team funnels into the areas of expertise.  In the example shared there were three teams - creative services, Marcom project management, and marketing automation. Support teams will vary depending on the needs of the business.

Below is an example of a managed marketing service team and how it compares to a common marketing organization:

Crawford Group Managed Marketing Service

A few questions to ask yourself to determine if it is the right time for your organization to benefit from a Managed Marketing Service Team:

  • Are you struggling to deliver with the constant ebbs and flows of marketing program needs?
  • Does your HR team understand your marketing role and have the skillset to identify the right talent?
  • Are you struggling with the continual evolution of marketing trends, worried about how to budget for technology and experienced staff?  
  • Are you exhausted from sorting through resumes and vetting candidates?
  • Do you need coverage as you shift resources for critical business initiatives or staff schedule changes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, Crawford Group is here to help. We take a customized approach with each client, partnering to ensure the process, team, and delivery method are tailored to your needs. Click here to learn more about our Managed Marketing Service.

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