What Are Managed Marketing Services?

Crawford Group delivers custom managed marketing services that help marketing and event organizations perform at their peak. But what is a managed marketing service? We've outlined our five service offerings for when your marketing staff is stretched thin, lacking a specific expertise, or struggling to fill a key position. We customize these solutions to each of our clients to ensure that the process, team and delivery method are tailored to their needs. With extensive background in marketing, communications and events, you can trust that we get it and we get it done.

Managed Services


Ever thought about the benefits of outsourcing an entire function of your marketing department? We deliver teams for creative services, event marketing, web production and more. We’ll build the function’s structure and processes, hire a lead manager, put together a strategic team, and manage the people, workflow, schedule, budget, and delivery. With one point of contact, you have an entire team of experts who flex to the ebbs and flows of work, all without having to worry about managing the work, the team or the hiring process.

Managed Projects

Managed Marketing ProjectsNeed to execute a project but are lacking the expertise or bandwidth to make it happen? Whether it’s a product launch, corporate event, or channel marketing SPIF, we've got you covered. We’ll hire the lead, put together a strategic team, and manage the people, workflow, schedule, and budget. We fully manage the project so that you can stay focused on your key initiatives.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing ConsultantsIn need of an individual with a specific area of expertise? We’ll develop the assignment scope, provide hand-picked candidates , and manage the selection process. We take all of the administrative work off of your hands and deliver the perfect fit for your team and need. Our extensive network of professionals all have a track record of delivering high quality work in their area of expertise so you can trust them to come in and get it done.

Direct Hire

Direct Marketing Hire

You can count on us to find your ideal full-time hire. Because we’re deeply connected to this community, we can call on our network of thousands of professionals to find you the perfect addition to your team. We’ll source and screen candidates and conduct preliminary interviews, and then we’ll turn it over to you to make the final choice. We take on the burden of reviewing resumes and first-round interviews and allow you to focus your efforts on making a final selection.

Marketing Staffing

Marketing Staffing

Have a hot project on your plate or gearing up for your busy season? Need to cover for an employee on extended leave? Let us find your ideal temporary hire. We’ll verify resumes, conduct background checks, and manage the interview process and budget. We have thousands of marketing professionals in our network who will hit the ground running.


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