The Secret to Expanding Marketing Capacity Without Increasing Headcount or Budgets.

Marketing trends are constantly shifting, tactics are ever-evolving, and platforms keep changing. Marketing organizations are always in need of new skill sets to keep up. And when you add in challenges like staff turnover and reductions in force, marketing leaders have to struggle to get their programs off the ground and achieve their strategic objectives.

gartner-quote2-02.jpgWhile marketing budgets continue grow, according to the Gartner 2016-2017 CMO Spend Survey, companies are taking a hard look at their investments in digital and social marketing skills and marketing automation to ensure that they’re getting the maximum return.

So how can they expand their organizations’ capabilities while balancing headcount and OPEX budgets?

By investing in outsourced marketing talent in key areas, organization's marketing leaders can reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

  • Gain a more broad and flexible skill set
  • Bring on a higher-caliber professional team
  • Lower your overhead
  • More quickly source sub-disciplines and new expertise
  • Scale for growth
  • Manage costs as a variable expense 
Using a managed service model, we partner with companies to build the right team. Then manage all or parts of the outsourced team and the deliver results by using Service Level Agreements that include reporting metrics so you can track how we’re doing.
Curious how managed marketing service solutions can bring you the flexibility and expertise you need while keeping costs under control? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
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