Do You Have The Talent To Make The Most Of The Latest Marketing Technologies?

These days, CMOs are outspending CIOs on technology as they purchase digital, social, and marketing automation tools and systems. Not surprisingly, demand is also increasing for marketing talent that can implement, develop, and execute key programs using these tools.

According to Forbes article, Four Emerging Trends In MarTech Hiring For 2018, “More than 61% of businesses surveyed reported plans to increase their MarTech spend in 2018, with 63% reporting plans to hire more full-time talent and contract-based consultants.”

While marketing organizations partner with IT and digital marketing to implement these new technologies, it’s typically up to marketing to onboard and integrate the right talent into their team to make the most of their MarTech investment. 

32% of marketing leaders say their greatest challenge to integrating emerging technologies is not having the right team and talent to manage/optimize the new tools.

Where do you start your talent search?  

When bringing in new technology, chances are that the talent to run them doesn’t exist in house.  Some of the questions you may start asking yourself:

  • Do you invest in training your existing team or do you supplement them with trained resources?
  • Do you hire outright or bring in skilled consultants?
  • Do you look for technologists who know marketing or marketing experts who know the technology?

A survey of CMO's reported, "Nearly one-third (32%) of senior marketers say their organization's greatest obstacle to onboarding/integrating emerging technologies is not having the right team and talent to manage/optimize new tools."

Finding qualified, high-end experts who not only know marketing, but can come in and hit the ground running with knowledge of the latest martech tools and solutions can be a challenge.

Case Study | Managed Marketing Services for Integrated Marcom ProgramsManaged Marketing Services Case Study | Integrated Marketing Team Provides Full-Service Marcom Expertise

We can help.

Read our success story how a Silicon Valley Technology company partnered with us to build out a managed marketing service for their marketing automation needs.  Our integrated managed services team executed more than 1,600 successful marketing programs per year that included creative services, digital and social communications and marketing automation expertise using tools like Workfront, Marketo, OpenText and Adobe Creative Cloud to name a few.  

Contact us to find out how we can help provide the right mix of talent resources to optimize your marketing technology systems and processes, and help set you up for success with:

  • A higher-caliber team of marketing technology experts that will deliver results.
  • Lower overhead by outsourcing the right talent or talent mix.
  • The flexibility to more quickly access sub-disciplines and new expertise.
  • Increased operational efficiency to impact throughput.
  • The ability to scale for growth.

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