Top Reasons You Need A Managed Marketing Service & Common Questions

The one constant in business is change. And as companies navigate market shifts by adjusting product offerings and business strategies, their marketing organizations need to respond rapidly with innovative programs that drive interest and sales.

The challenge, of course, is that marketing teams can’t always pivot fast enough. Marketing trends, tactics, and platforms are constantly evolving, making it difficult for even the most seasoned teams to keep up. To expand technical knowledge, build new skill sets, or increase output, marketing leaders either incur the high costs of adding headcount or retaining agencies. Another option is shifting their existing team members’ focus away from core responsibilities like setting business strategy or managing the overall brand.

If your marketing organization struggles with a similar challenge, you may want to consider a managed marketing service. Our last blog defined a managed marketing service - a model that enables your organization to outsource an entire marketing function, like events management, creative services, or digital marketing — by partnering with an outside team of experts that flexes with the ebbs and flows of your workload. 


Why a managed marketing service might be the right fit for your needs

If one or both of the following scenarios sounds familiar, it might be time to look into leveraging a managed marketing service:

You need to grow your marketing skills and expertise, but you can’t add headcount

Even when marketing budgets are ample, staffing levels don’t always follow suit. If adding headcount isn’t an option, a managed marketing service can help you expand your capacity and/or bring on the specific skills and experience you need to execute your projects or programs.

Need to create a series of virtual events? Run ad campaigns on TikTok? Develop animated eLearning content? By augmenting your team with a flexible pool of experts trained on your brand messaging and standards, you can deliver the programs you need without adding headcount or scrambling to upskill on a tight timeline.

You need to maintain business continuity through times of organizational change

Marketing organizations constantly evolve, whether through mergers and acquisitions, internal reorganizations, or reductions in force. But even when significant shifts are underway, you still need to get customer communications, product announcements, promos, nurture campaigns, and other marketing programs out the door.

When you adopt a managed marketing service, Crawford Group will work with you to learn the details of your business, marketing strategy, and tactical programs — enabling the MMS team to keep your programs running smoothly despite any changes in your organization. They will always be there to evaluate incoming requests, assign resources, track progress, measure success, and communicate critical information to ensure business continuity and brand consistency.

Crawford Group Managed Service Decisions


If a managed service model sounds like it might be the solution your organization needs, you probably have questions about how such a service works. Below are answers to a few of the most common questions we hear at Crawford Group — take a look, and then feel free to reach out with questions about your specific situation.

Answers To Common Questions About The Managed Marketing Service Model

If a managed service associate takes a vacation or is out ill, who arranges backup coverage and tracks assignments?

Your Crawford Group managed service lead is responsible for all administrative duties, including managing day-to-day workflow, tracking tasks, and ensuring that coverage is in place if a consultant is away. Your lead can reallocate resources from the existing managed service team or bring in another consultant from Crawford Group’s extensive pool of experts to fill the void. Our leads are always on top of business requirements, so they can bring new specialists up to speed quickly and make the transition seamless.

If a managed service team member leaves the assignment, who is in charge of finding a replacement? 

With a managed service model, your Crawford Group service lead is there to handle all personnel shifts. They can resource from our network, coordinate training, and share projects across consultants to ensure a smooth transition, on-time delivery, and consistently high-quality work.

How do you ensure that managed service team members are compliant and follow company guidelines? 

Once we partner with an organization, we work with you to build the right team of experts to meet your needs. We manage and assume the risk of transitions - from hiring to backfilling. Personal management, workflow, and schedule are key operation drivers of the managed service model, so you can focus on what matters most. Including providing reporting metrics to make it easy to track performance against your objectives.

In what ways can a managed marketing service help my business reduce risk?

The managed service model can help you mitigate risk in two areas.

The first involves staffing. When you partner with Crawford Group for managed marketing services, we assume the risk that comes with transitioning staff, backfilling positions, and driving operational excellence across the team.

The second area in which we can help reduce risk is brand expression. Understanding the details of your visual and editorial brand guidelines is a top priority of our experts, so you can rest assured that your marketing communications and campaigns will uphold your brand standards across every touchpoint.


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