What is the Talent Equation?

We recently came across an article by Talent Culture with a very clear underlying message: “Talent trumps everything!” The article draws attention to a very important factor to consider in the hiring process: organizational fit. We are taking this concept a step further.

The article states, “Having the right people in the right jobs is the foundation for success in everything we do.” But how do you determine if you are selecting the “right people?” We drill down this idea to a simple equation:


Skills, whether developed through experience, schooling, or training, have always been a deciding factor in determining if a candidate is a viable option for a position, and rightfully so. An employee must have the skills to execute the tasks associated with their position. This attribute continues to be a major piece of the talent equation.

The second piece of the equation, consistent with the article by Talent Culture, is cultural fit. It is critical that any new addition to a team have a personality that melds well with the company culture. This is why on-site interviews are important in the hiring process – managers connect on a personal level through the in-person interaction.

The last piece of the talent equation, development potential, is also seen through the personality of the candidate. This relates to the individual’s drive to improve their skill set, grow their abilities, and increase their responsibility. Talent that not only grows with the company but also helps grow the company can be the secret sauce to any organization’s success.

So, when looking at your organization and growing your team, make sure to take these three elements into consideration to ensure you bring in “the right talent.”

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