Why It May Be Time to Outsource Marketing

Most companies strive to execute marketing activities in house, allowing them to maintain control over messaging, costs and delivery. But oftentimes a fresh set of eyes can reinvigorate your marketing efforts and adding resources to your team can exponentially increase efficiency. So how do you know when it's time to outsource some of your marketing work? We've outline 3 reasons why your team may need to need to consider bringing in outside resources.

You're team is stretched too thin

Do you have way more hours of work than employees to get it done? Is your staff feeling stressed about the amount of work that needs to be completed in tight deadlines? It's more than common for teams to be spread a little too thin, especially in smaller organizations that need to be "scrappy." When your organization reaches this point it's a good idea to bring in external forces, not only to ensure that you continue to meet your deadlines, but also for the well-being of your employees. Stressed and overworked employees are far less effective than happy and healthy ones. Plus, meeting deadlines and delivering quality work will maintain high moral within your team and motivate everyone to continue the success!

You're lacking specific expertise

Are you feeling like you don't quite have the right experience or knowledge on your team to really hit a home run on a current or upcoming project? Your team could be tasked with taking on a new channel to broaden the reach of your marketing campaigns or with creating new types of content to test out the impact on engagement. Throwing together a new strategy or executing a new project without the proper expertise is a recipe for disaster.

When faced with a task for which you don't feel confident you have the tools to deliver exceptional results, it's best to consider bringing in some help, even if it's just for this project. Bringing in an expert will enable your team to exceed expectations and get educated in the process, making you and your team all the more prepared for the next time it's presented a similar project or initiative.

You're struggling to fill a key position

As a leader you are constantly mapping your teams objectives to the strategy you created to help meet the overall business goals of the organization. To add to that, you are managing each individual on your team and the tactical alignment of tasks to meet your objectives. When you add in interviewing and screening potential candidates for a position you need to fill to get your team back on track, it can become overwhelming.

Bringing in a partner that can help take some of the burden of filling a position allows you more time to focus on our initiatives and the continued success of your department while you operate short a team member. A partner that understands the needs of your team and what's going on in marketing in your industry will prevent you from wasting your valuable time with potential candidates that just don't fit the bill. You'll only interview people who not only have the required background but who are a perfect fit for your organization and will immediately contribute to its continued success.

The great thing about outsourcing marketing is that there isn't a limit to how much or how little you outsource. You can expand your team, bring in new skillsets and reduce costs. 

Finding a partner who understands your business and can customize the engagement to fit your exact needs is the key to a successful outsourcing strategy. Crawford Group delivers custom-fit managed marketing services for all of our clients. We come in, evaluate your need and work in partnership with you to deliver a solution that ensures success.

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