3 Reasons to Hire External Marketing Talent During a Recession

According to Forbes, the answer to the “are we headed into a recession” question is still up in the air. While the country’s economic numbers have declined for the second quarter and inflation has skyrocketed, we still see record-breaking low unemployment rates and talent in high demand. But Big Business is nervous. There are hiring freezes and even layoffs happening now. With all this tension in the air, what will you do to prepare your marketing organization to withstand these uncertain times? 

Uncertain times are not easy but you can take steps now to prepare, take a serious look at your team. Are you missing key expertise? Is your company on a hiring freeze? One option to consider is hiring external talent to fill the gaps in expertise. 

Here are three reasons why hiring marketing talent can help you prepare your organization for a recession.

  1. Maintain maximum flexibility in your organization. You may have to build or manage your employees differently to maintain a flexible organization. You can supplement your existing team with temporary or part-time talent, which is often 20-30% more cost-effective than hiring full-time staff.

  2. Access specialized knowledge and experience when you need it. Highly talented and experienced employees are in high demand and are requesting higher salaries due to the cost of inflation. When hiring external marketing talent, you can work directly with the supplier to determine the skills and experience required for your event, project, or position while maintaining your budget requirements. You still have control to interview and select the talent who possess the skills to do the work quickly and efficiently while fitting into your company and team culture.

  3. No Long Term Commitments Required. Whether you need someone for a quarter or a specific event/project, considering an external marketing talent solution allows you the flexibility to hire and end the relationship as required. Ending a relationship with a full-time employee is complicated and comes with a cost. However, by hiring marketing talent, you can control your relationship and reassess the need for their services at any time. Be warned, you may appreciate what they bring to your team and establish an ongoing business relationship.

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