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Powerhouse Couple: Why Marketing and Procurement are the Newest BFFs

Forget outdated siloed thinking – the relationship between procurement and marketing is more like a high-octane fusion reactor than a tepid boardroom handshake. In today's hyper-competitive landscape, maximizing ROI and crafting impactful brand experiences ...Read more

3 Reasons to Hire External Marketing Talent During a Recession

According to Forbes, the answer to the “are we headed into a recession” question is still up in the air. While the country’s economic numbers have declined for the second quarter and inflation has skyrocketed, we still see record-breaking low unemployment ...Read more

Hybrid Events: Things Your Event Team May Not Have Thought About

In early 2020 when corporate events went all-virtual by necessity, companies quickly pivoted and adapted to the new reality. In today’s world, companies have the choice between in-person, virtual events, or a hybrid approach. If you’re considering a hybrid ...Read more